Business Computer Applications

The Business Computer Applications program prepares graduating students for a career as office administrative assistant. You'll learn the skills needed to handle office responsibilities requiring the ability to plan, control, report and make solid business decisions.

If you are interested in a Business Computer career that involves: greeting clients, maintaining multiple telephone lines, and compiling and editing documents related to business, you should consider a career in the Business field.

The First Institute Business Computer Applications program is designed to provide you with comprehensive Business Computer skills in preparation for:

  • Obtaining the necessary skills to land an entry-level administrative position
  • Understanding the basic business skills that will be needed to secure placement in advanced training programs
  • Developing proficiency in Economics and Business
  • Mastering the basic skills of communication
  • Operating the newest edition of Microsoft Office, including: Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Plus, you'll learn the skills you need for preparing a resume and interviewing for the career you want.
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